Class Offerings

The 6-session beginner class is perfect for people who just wanted to try out this exciting martial art. In this class, we teach basic footwork and techniques in step-by-step fashion. We emphasize awareness and safety so that students new to Aikido can learn and practice without getting hurt.

The 18-session intermediate class is designed for students who wish to further their understanding of Aikido. In this class, we practice different defenses against various attacks. We also introduce weapons techniques using wooden knives, swords, and staff.



Tri-Valley Aikido classes are offered as part of the City of Dublin Recreational Services. Registration instructions and the most up-to-date schedule can be found on the Dublin Recreation Guide website.

Class description and registration information can also be found in the City of Dublin Activities Guide, which can be found in lobby of the Dublin Library and the Shannon Community Center.

Visitors and observers are always welcomed during scheduled training sessions. Members of the Pacific Aikido Federation can practice without charge.


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