Safety Rules

  1. Wearing of any jewelry (rings. necklaces, watches, hair clips, body piercing ornaments, etc.) is a danger to you and others and is not permitted during practice.
  2. Fingernails and toenails must be kept trimmed short at all times.
  3. Horseplay, bravado, or testing of strength is not permitted or tolerated.
  4. When the Sensei (instructor) claps twice, you must stop practicing immediately and listen for directions.
  5. Students must stretch and warm up individually for at least five minutes prior to class (please arrive early).
  6. Students who arrive late should stretch and warm up off the mat and wait until they are invited to join the class by the Sensei.
  7. When rolling or falling please get up immediately. Lying down on the mat is not permitted.
  8. Students must sit correctly during classes (either in seiza or with crossed legs). Sitting with legs outstretched or leaning against a wall is considered lazy and disrespectful.
  9. There is to be no open or freestyle practice without the supervision of the Sensei or an experienced Sempai (senior student).
  10. It is everyone's responsibility to practice zenshin (continuous awareness) at all times to prevent accidents and injury.
  11. If you should sustain an injury, stop practicing and report it to the Sensei immediately.

These rules are for everyone's safety and must be followed at all times!



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