Chief Instructor: Neil Toda

Sensei Neil teaches every Thursday night. He began teaching with Sensei Ron in 2008. Together they provide an environment where students of all levels can work together, help each other and benefit.

Sensei Neil began Aikido in Sensei Shiohira's dojo in the mid 80s. He has continued training with Shiohira Sensei and has taught Beginner's, Teen's and general classes in Shiohira Sensei's Mt. View Dojo.

Sensei Neil received his Godan Rank [5th Dan] from Shiohira Sensei and continues to train with him every week.

Senior Instructor: Ron Hsi

Ron Hsi started Aikido training in 1999 under Jim McClelland sensei, the founder of Tri Valley Aikido. Over the years, he has had the good fortune to study from many instructors in the Pacific Aikido Federation, including the chief instructor Hideki Shiohira Shihan.

Since becoming an instructor of Tri-Valley Aikido in 2005, Ron has continued to provide a safe and friendly training environment for students of all levels. He has also maintained affiliation with the Pacific Aikido Federation to learn from Shiohira Shihan's impressively powerful and compact techniques and to gain a deeper understanding fo the philosophy behind the art of Aikido.



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